Loren is one of the sweetest cats that we have right now. She loves to hog all of the attention, and is very affection towards people. When she is around, she prefers to be pet with at least one hand if not both the whole time you’re with her! She is very lovey dovey. She looks almost exactly like her mother, who, if you couldn’t guess, is our very own Sophia! The main difference between them visually is that her “beauty mark” on her face is on the opposite side of Sophia’s. It’s probably the only way to tell them apart as adults, because they are nearly carbon copies of one another. Sophia was very lovey dovey also, and Loren give nose kisses AKA “boops” just like Sophia does. Her name is a play on “Sophia Loren” the famous actress and we think they are both as pretty and regal as she so the names are fitting. Sophia was our largest female, so we can’t wait to see how Loren grows into a stunning beauty like her mom.