Tarzan has such a wild look with the sweetest demeanor. He looks like he comes straight from Europe, but we are proud to say that he was born right here at Colossal Cats! Tarzan is from Zoey and Sarge, and we have to say that he absolutely has the best of both parents. He has Sarge’s deep dark coat that is thick and shiny. We joke that him and Sarge could be models in a Pantene shampoo commercial; they have better hair than all of us! Debbie even says that, “if any cat could be called sexy it would be Tarzan.” and even though that is very funny, she’s honestly right! He is SO handsome with his deep amber eyes and shiny dark coat. Tarzan was the largest in his litter, and he was born just after Jane who was also the largest in her litter. She was basically the same size as Tarzan, even though boys grow bigger so we decided to name them together after one of our favorite movies. They are already living up to the wild yet sweet expectations we had for them. He is very calm and does well around the other cats as well as on his own. He’s a total sweet heart and we cannot wait to see the litters that he gives us.