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** Our Reservation List gets first pick of kittens and it’s closed for now but you can still get kittens after they choose theirs! Any kitten below with a price is available. **

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Please note: these next kittens are from our friends in Ukraine, the cattery name is Mazurka. You can check out more about their amazing cats on their website, they even have one of the largest Maine Coons in Ukraine his name is Batman. Their kittens have been the same amazing quality that we know and love with the beautiful personalities that Maine Coons are famous for! They have a wide variety of colors and stunning breeders. These kittens will be available for pickup here in Tampa, FL only just like the other European kittens.


Upcoming Ukraine Litters

Will update as we have them available


PLEASE NOTE: These kittens are not bred from our own adults. They are from our friends in Europe- Amibial PL breeds the Polish kittens.  They have been breeding for many years longer than us, and have spectacular cats with the same amazing personalities as ours. Sarge, Bella and others have come from Amibial.  Since we did not breed these amazing kittens, we are simply connecting our followers to them. They are able to keep the costs lower by flying them all together, but since they are having to fly they will be available for PICKUP ONLY here in Florida so they don’t have to travel again. They will come with their government health certificate (they are actually more stringent in UK because they love their kitties!) and we back our health guarantee 100% since these breeders do the exact same. We are simply connecting you guys to them to save some money on shipping for you since we stopped breeding our adults.  Besides some of our own cats that we’ve purchased from them, we’ve brought over 7 litters for our friends here in the US and every single one has been as amazing as our own so it’s been fantastic to connect you all to one of the worlds best breeders. If you have any more questions, please email us for more info.


Upcoming Polish Litters

Will update as we have them available



Bella is simply stunning. Her father is the great Draco of Amibial cattery in Europe. She weighs 31 lbs. at the present. Bella’s colors make her look like a black and white photo. See Draco’s photo on the Award Winning Champion Bloodline¬† page.


aka Tino Rossi of Alwaro

Boris is our Pride & Joy Stud here at Colossal Cats having been our first Stud. He came all the way from Europe! His father is the great Volcano of Alwaro, whose present weight is 29 lbs.! See Volcano’s picture on our Award Winning Champion Bloodlines page. Boris is a red classic tabby and has a huge head and very large paws. He loves to cuddle and has turned many “dog people” into “cat people” with his personality.