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Christina gives the best nose kisses AKA boops. She is super, super sweet. The thing she loves most is to come and sit in your lap. Even a total stranger could be in the room for a few minutes and she would be in their lap and she is friends with everyone in the room. Some cats get a little snippy with their hormones, but not Christina, she is very laid back and friendly. She has a beautiful golden undercoat that sets her apart from the other brown classics like Tarzan and Jane. Her hair is more short and fluffy, and she almost feels like a stuffed animal!



Jane was the largest female in her whole litter from She-Ra and Sarge and she was even larger than some kittens in other litters even though they were older!! Because Tarzan was also so big, we decided to name them Tarzan and Jane. And they’ve definitely lived up to the wild yet sweet expectations. Jane is so absolutely stunning and she’s as big as our males her same age- which we can only hope means we will be getting huge cats from her! Her favorite thing in the whole world is to be the highest in the room, looking down on everyone else so that she can keep an eye on everyone and jump down to play when she see’s fit. She is very maternal already, and if kittens are in another room she tries to rush over there when they make a noise to see if they are OK. We imagine she will be an excellent mother because of this and cannot wait to see her litters.



Max is probably the most social male that we’ve had since Boris. Their personalities are very similar and their hearts are as big as their paws and head- ha! He loves to follow you around, tell you about his day, and wants all of the love that you have to give him. He will even try to steal the spotlight when we are grooming other cats around him so that he can get more pets. He has amazing lynx ears, and some of the longest hair that we’ve had on a male ever. He even gets these fluffy “chaps” on his back legs that just make him look so huge from behind!



Tarzan has such a wild look with the sweetest demeanor. He looks like he comes straight from Europe, but we are proud to say that he was born right here at Colossal Cats! Tarzan is from Zoey and Sarge, and we have to say that he absolutely has the best of both parents. He has Sarge’s deep dark coat that is thick and shiny. We joke that him and Sarge could be models in a Pantene shampoo commercial; they have better hair than all of us! Debbie even says that, “if any cat could be called sexy it would be Tarzan.” and even though that is very funny, she’s honestly right! He is SO handsome with his deep amber eyes and shiny dark coat. Tarzan was the largest in his litter, and he was born just after Jane who was also the largest in her litter. She was basically the same size as Tarzan, even though boys grow bigger so we decided to name them together after one of our favorite movies. They are already living up to the wild yet sweet expectations we had for them. He is very calm and does well around the other cats as well as on his own. He’s a total sweet heart and we cannot wait to see the litters that he gives us.



Loren is one of the sweetest cats that we have right now. She loves to hog all of the attention, and is very affection towards people. When she is around, she prefers to be pet with at least one hand if not both the whole time you’re with her! She is very lovey dovey. She looks almost exactly like her mother, who, if you couldn’t guess, is our very own Sophia! The main difference between them visually is that her “beauty mark” on her face is on the opposite side of Sophia’s. It’s probably the only way to tell them apart as adults, because they are nearly carbon copies of one another. Sophia was very lovey dovey also, and Loren give nose kisses AKA “boops” just like Sophia does. Her name is a play on “Sophia Loren” the famous actress and we think they are both as pretty and regal as she so the names are fitting. Sophia was our largest female, so we can’t wait to see how Loren grows into a stunning beauty like her mom.


Scarlett is our “puppy” of the bunch! She is hilarious just like her parents. She is a good mama already, and we cannot wait to see her next litters. She has the calm personality of her dad, Boris, and the adventurous and playful personality of her mom, Sophia. She has bright pops of red all through her coat, and has a very wild look about her. Cannot wait to see the colors that she gives us!



Zoey is the most beautiful parts of both her parents, Boris and Bella. She has a larger size than Bella because Boris is so huge, she has beautiful black and silver coloring with fawn patches, and the most amazing lynx ears and fluffy tail. Her hair is between long and silky like Bella’s and shorter and fluffier like Boris’. She is very chatty and loves to play up high on shelves and trees.


aka Pierce of Amibial PL

Introducing our newest Stud imported from Europe. We have waited so long for this amazing boy. Sarge is as sweet as he is handsome! He has amazing furry ears, huge paws and the classic Maine Coon look that we love so much. Sarge is a brown classic tabby with very deep coloring.


She-Ra is one of the most spectacular kittens we have ever had! She has pops of red and black running through her brown patched tabby coat, with stunning tufts and lynx ears. She has a very playful personality that has captured our hearts. She-Ra is from Boris and Bella’s Litter B, and we are very excited to see what kittens she brings us.