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Litters go up at 4wks old AFTER the Reservation List has made their picks.

*Reservation List estimated at least a 12 month wait*

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Colossal Cats has just paired with an amazing breeder in Europe to bring more variety of colors and more kittens to you all! Below are some of these co-owned kittens that have just been reserved by those on our Reservation List. We reserved them from the breeder in Europe, and send them out to our Reservation List the very same as our own litters. It is very expensive to bring them over, so we do them in groups to save you some money. The kittens are still within our normal price range and are AMAZING show quality with stunning lineage. We are so excited for this opportunity and will continue offering co-owned kittens along with our own for our customers!


Kitten Contract


 Litter AA Scarlett and Sarge
Born 02.11.2018

 Litter AB (from Europe)

Born 01.16.2018 & 01.25.2018