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Colossal Cats – A Maine Coon Cattery

My husband and I have done things a little differently than the average breeder. Most breeders start out with a cat or two and grow from there with that bloodline. Here is our story.

We have always been very big animal people. We have had every crazy pet out there that you can think of. We love baby animals and have always bred something, from rabbits to African Spur Thigh Tortoises; one of the largest tortoise breeds in the world. We own a successful catering business and a spare building which we rented out to a company that only needed half of the space. We found ourselves with a 1,250 square foot building available. It was decided that if we were going to open up another business we wanted to do something fun. God knows we already work enough.

We have a serious love for Maine Coon Cats, the largest domestic cat breed in the world. Do you see a pattern? We spent one year searching the world over for the best Breeders out there. We turned the building into the coolest Cattery, equipped with the largest litter box known to man, a real tree hoisted up by steel cables with a swing, (that Katy thinks is just hers). We read and heard around that some breeders cage their stud in a 4 by 6 foot cage. Our cats would not be caged! We started bringing in our Breeders. Two of them from the U.S. and four imported from Europe. We feel like we have the greatest group of cats in looks, bloodline and personalities. We love these cats like family members, and treat them as so. They are the sweetest, funniest animals we have ever had. This adventure has turned out to be so rewarding.

Thank you for joining us in this Maine Coon Adventure.

Colossal Cats