Q: How big are your Maine Coon cats?

A: Males average around 14-25 lbs. Neutered cats will get bigger usually. Females can get as large as 14-16 lbs. A cat in breeding mode will drop their beautiful coat and stay slim & trim. The male will get what is known as stud tail, and go from a huge racoon-looking tail to a skinny tail. Maine Coons are still growing until 5 years of age!

Q: Are Maine Coons really part Raccoon?

A: Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed, originating in Maine, USA. Originally, people thought they were a barn yard cat mixed with a raccoon because of their raccoon-like tails and the chirping sound that they like to make. But, it is genetically impossible for that to happen! They are just a wonderful domestic cat with lots of personality and a wild, beautiful look.

Q: How do I know I will be getting a healthy cat?

A: Colossal Cats Cattery is a HCM, FIV-FeLV negative cattery. Your Maine Coon kitten will be vet-checked with the first in a series of vaccinations. A typical schedule includes visits at 8, 12 & 16 weeks, 6 months and then yearly. The kitten will also be dewormed, as most kittens are born with worms. It's best to have the kittens dewormed once more. Please talk to your vet for their recommendation. They also get a one year health guarantee for any death due to genetic defects, in which case you would get a full refund or replacement kitten. You MUST have your kitten checked by a vet within 72 hrs of leaving our care. If you have other animals, we suggest keeping them apart until this vet visit.

Q: What is a poly-toe or polydactyl cat?

A: Simply cats with extra toes! This is also called Hemingway cats, as Earnest Hemingway loved to collect and adopt cats with extra toes. If you visit the Hemingway house in Key West, FL USA, there are still a few poly-toed cats running around the property.

Q: What are kitten prices?

A: Prices for pet kittens is $1,500- $2,500. Pricing effective August 22nd 2018. If you are picking up your kitten(s) please have final balance with you at that time in cash, money order or cashiers check or otherwise pay via our Deposits page which has Paypal ahead of pickup/delivery. All kittens must be spayed or neutered prior to being 1 year old, and you must send us a copy of the alteration. Most vets recommend prior to 6 months.

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: Shipping cost is $400 when available (in continental U.S.). We will ship two kittens for the price of one if shipped at the same time because we feel strongly about animals having other animal friends. Shipping costs plus final balance are due 2 weeks prior to the date your kitten(s) can be shipped. We have to coordinate with the airlines and veterinarians for certificates so the flight must be paid for in that time frame. Most airlines have restrictions based on ground temperature when shipping animals in cargo. It must be below 85 degrees Fahrenheit and above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Kittens must be at least 10wks to fly. Kittens can fly into any major airport that accepts Delta.

Q: How do I place a deposit to join the Reservation List and reserve a kitten(s)?

A: Fill out and mail in the signed Kitten Contract and deposit to 4108 Gunn HWY Tampa, FL 33618. Deposits are $250 and can be paid with with cash, cashier's check or a money order made out to Debbie Howe. *UPDATE* We now have a Paypal! If you prefer to pay via Paypal please go to our Deposits page to place your deposit to join the Reservation List. Make sure to fill out the form with preference, and go all the way through the Paypal process or payment will not go through and you will not be placed on the list. If you are getting multiple kittens please do separate contracts and one deposit for each kitten. If you choose to pay extra on the deposit it will just be added and deducted from the total price of the kitten. The Kitten Contract is on the top left of the website and on the Available Kittens page. Fill out as much preference as you can but don't worry if you change your mind later on- it is just for reference and no matter what we will notify you of every litter. You are added to the Reservation List in the same order that we receive deposits. So, if there are 2 deposits before you and none are being kept for breeding, you would have the third pick. If you do not get a kitten that you wanted from that litter, you would be notified of the next litter born. Litters are emailed at 4 weeks of age to the Reservation List. Deposits are nonrefundable, but never expire. You can feel free to wait until you find "the one" (or two!) that is perfect for you.

Q: What do the kittens come with?

A: Health Certificate, Maine Coon Guide Booklet, Royal Canin Kitten Food sample, small blanket from the mother cat to take the mother cat's scent with her to help adjust to new home. After Colossal Cats receives proof of being neutered or spayed, customer will receive CFA registration papers. You can also purchase a pedigree from CFA.

Q: I live close by, can I visit the cattery?

A: We allow visitations by those on the Reservation List, by appointment only. We run a very busy catering company, and the cattery is the building next door. Though it is incredibly busy, and rather difficult to take visitors over there most of the time, we understand you may want to see our cattery and cats especially if you live close by. All of our adult cats are vaccinated, but before their kittens have had their first vaccinations their immune system is fragile. There is always a chance that bacteria from other pets or outside can be brought in during visitations. Since we often have multiple litters running around, this is a high concern for us and another part of why we try to limit visitations. The health of our cats is top priority, and we thank you for your understanding.

Q: What type of food should I feed my new kitten(s)?

A: Your kitten will be eating Royal Canin kitten food. You will receive a sample of the food with your Kitten Package. Our adults eat Royal Canin Maine Coon dry food. Royal Canin also does wet food, if you prefer it. With any diet change, please do so SLOWLY so that their bodies can adjust. The main thing is to pay attention to the needs of the cat.

Q: How long after you know a Queen is pregnant will you have kittens?

A: The gestation period for cats is around 60 days. We do not ultrasound test them to avoid stressing them out, but can see physical signs about two weeks to a month before they have their litter. This means about two weeks to a month after we do litter announcements we can expect kittens. Please remember that the Reservation List gets first pick at 4 weeks and then everyone else.